Here is my range of shades of polka glassware available in blues, rose, greens and amber shades.  You can purchase a set of 4 glasses in the mixture of colours or if you have a favourite shade, click on the options tab to choose a set of 4 in the one colour.  The p&p costs for UK postage are included in the price.  PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to place an order to be sent abroad please email me and I will send you a PayPal invoice with the correct postage

Shades of polka shots

A set of 4 polka shot glasses 16 + 3.50 p&p: 19.50

Click on the options tab to choose a mixed set or a set of your favourite colour


Shades of polka dot champagne

Set of 4 £30 + £3.50 p&p: total £33.50


Shades of polka dot water glasses

Set of 6: 35 + 5 p&p: Total: 40

Set of 4: 25 + 5 p&p: Total: 30

Set of 2: 13 + 3.50 p&p: Total: 16.50

Click on the options tab to order the quantity that you would like and then on the payal invoice please let me know what colours you want in the " notes to seller " section


Shades of polka hi ball glasses (4)

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